Monster Repellant

By Karen Peak


Children are able to assist in magic and are magic in and of themselves. Monsters and demons are a common fear of children and these monster fears can start quite young. To help combat them, you and your child can develop a ritual to help drive them away. The strongest spells come from within you and not from a book. This will also help a child prepare for cleansing rituals down the road. In fact, this is a cleansing ritual scaled down to a child's level.



Monster Repellant


To begin, gather the materials you will need:


Large, clear plastic or glass container with a cover (take caution with glass and children).


Fresh herbs with protective properties (like Rosemary, if you cannot get fresh, use dried) or essential oils with protective properties make sure the oils are non-toxic.


Small spray bottle

Paper slips to make labels

Crayon or markers

Packing tape to attach labels

A magic wand you and your child have made


In the morning, set the container in the sun and put in herbs or oils and water. Have your child create a spell to say as each element goes in.  When done you and your child say a spell to help bind everything together and wave the wand over the container. Cover the container and let it sit in the sun all day.


During the day, make MONSTER REPELLANT labels and tape securely to the spray bottle (make sure the tape fully covers the paper so the ink will not run if you use markers).


In the evening, take the steeped herbs and pour the liquid off into the sprayer. Close the sprayer and have your child wave the wand over it while saying a spell to help charge the protective water. 


At bedtime, create a ritual where the child mists his room lightly and drive the monsters away.


Again, have your child help create the spells or if old enough, create the spells him or herself.  The strongest spells come from within.


If you do not have an area where you can let this sit all day or are in a bind, Mom or Dad can make a fast version of this:


Quicker Monster Repellant


Have child put cup herbs in a 2 cup Pyrex measuring cup will work well and say spell over each one added. Then the child can add, 1-cup water. Mom or Dad, microwave for 3 minutes and them remove to a safe place to cool.  When cool, pour off liquid in to spay bottle. USE CAUTION WHEN BOILING WATER AROUND CHILDREN!


For those emergencies like 2 am nightmares:


Take some water, put in a sprayer and add a few drops of essential oils. Have child say a quick spell over it and lightly mist the room while banishing the monsters.


But if you can, make a real ritual out of this and take the day to infuse the water with protection and the power from the child.  This activity will also help your child understand the power we all possess in a way he or she can understand!



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