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Raising a child who is a minority ANYTHING is a challenge. It does not matter if your child is of a different race or ethnicity, has a disability, is not great at sports in a community that is sports oriented, if your child is a different religion from the rest.

We as parents must know our child's rights.  But we must also not make the child a martyr for our cause. It is our duty as parents to raise our children in our path but also realize that as the child grows, a new path may be chosen.

I have been writing for the Crow's Calling magazine since its beginning. Many of my articles deal with various aspects of parenting both as a Pagan and in general.  Parenting is all on the job training.  No class can truly teach you what it is like. Sadly, I no longer am associated with the magazine, but I still write and submit articles to various other places. I also write for sheer enjoyment.

I would like to share some of what I have written. Please note, these are all drafts as they were prior to submitting and final edits. Being human, there may be some typos and tweaking that needed to be done. But I still wish to share them with you. Some of these were submitted over the years to the Crow's Calling.  Please enjoy!

Note, you may see the initials K.W. and K. G. - both are me. I have a double last name and sometimes use my maiden name as my middle initial or my middle name as my middle initial... 

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