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Kids are magical in and of themselves. Think of the miracle of conception and how two small cells form this wonderful being. Many will not work with a minor as it is felt that one comes to Wicca of their own free will.  Yes, this is true but we as parents are doing our children a great disservice by not exposing them to our traditions from the time they are born. It has been said that a child with a solid religious and moral background is less likely to get into trouble.   Religion gives something to believe in as well as a code of ethics to live life by. Not to teach our children about our faith and include them in our workings is wrong in my opinion. When they are on their own and adult enough to decide what path is right for them, so be it.  But education in all things should start young.

That said, here are some fun things you can do with your children!

Monster Repellent

Music Makers

Stepping Stones

Renaissance Costumes


And please check back for new things to do with your kids!







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