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Book of Shadows

This sounds far more ominous than it is. A Book of Shadows in its basic concept is a scrap book of spells and rituals created by a Wiccan or Coven.

A Book of Shadows can be very elaborate - leather bound or very ornate.  It can be very simple - a three-ring binder. In this day and age of computer, your Book of Shadows can be on a disk.  Though a hard copy back up may not be a bad idea!  You would hate to have your system crash and lose all that work!

These Books are quite personal and should only be shared with select few. 

To see an example of an on-line book of Shadows, you can go to the Pagan Home or to the Pagan Lore websites. For me, my book is personal and as of now, I won't post it.  However, I will share some spells I created on the Spells page as time goes on.

Again, the most powerful words come from within you or if not solitary, the coven you work with.  But even coveners will cast solitarily at times.




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Book of Shadows

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