Charge of the Goddess


The most powerful spells come from within. Period...  Many people will tell you that there are specific spells for a specific goal. But look at them...  Who wrote them? Spells are personal and something "off-the-rack" lacks that personal touch and, in my opinion, the personal attachment we want to develop with the Goddess and God. Now, I am not saying you cannot use these spells.  If this is what you desire, please, do so.  Spells can be very basic or very elaborate.  The most powerful ones come from within.


What about all the trappings?  How many books state you need a certain herb, a special altar, various candles and chalices?  Well, yes, certain things have certain associations with various deities and needs, however, these are more for you to help focus yourself and create ritual. You can cast a spell on the spur of the moment without all the trappings of an elaborate altar.  What really matters is the heart in which you do this.  You can have the most elaborate set up in the world and it is nothing if your motives are not good and your heart really in it.  So, should be be caught without your altar or specific physical elements for a spell, you can still cast one. After all, spell is another word for prayer - a plea for help, guidance, healing, etc., - and you do not need a church to pray. I feel Wicca has been made far to complex by many people.  Not all of us have access to a grove on a hilltop on the full moon. Not all of us have yards for outdoor working or places we can safely go to cast.  Not all of us have the space for a huge altar and if we have children, altars can truly be a dangerous place (see the Pagan Parenting page and read Altar Safety).


It is best to try and cast a spell when you can do so uninterrupted. But for those of us with toddler, life is an interruption.  Try to work when the child is sleeping, or get the child involved!  The Goddess and God gave us children for a reason, they understand what kids are like. If they were not meant to be kids, they would spring forth all grown up - though I would seriously hate to go through THAT labor!  Scale down things so your child can comprehend it. 


How can children help? Well, let's take a house cleansing ritual for an example.  Trying to sweep out negative energy and encourage the positive.  Have your child sweep out the negative while you say the spell. Your child can help place springs of Rosemary for protection in the doorways and windows. There is a lot a child can do. Just make it age-appropriate.  Older children can help write spells. Children who cannot write yet can draw what they would like to do. Take these drawings, place them in a jar (I like mason jars) and hang from a tree or bury in a special area.  Or, create a small Book of Shadows that your child can keep all the spells created in.




Be careful about personal gain spells. Remember, what you do will came back threefold to you. If you are very greedy, you may find yourself in worse straights!

Never cast a spell to hurt someone physically or physically! You can protect yourself but be very careful when using spells offensively. Read the Wiccan Rede.

Never cast a spell for someone that could affect another.  For example, your friend ask you to cast a love spell over a specific person.  This is wrong.  You can cast a spell to help your friend find love in general but do not cast upon a specific person. What if the object of your friend's desire is a closet ax murderer? 

Get permission before casting a spell for another. However, healing spells are a gray area. As long as they are done in good faith, there is nothing wrong with directing healing energies towards one in need.

Always thank the Goddess and God for listening. 

And remember, not all spells will work or work as desired.






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