Charge of the Goddess

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Pagan Parenting

Wiccan Rede

Recommended Authors and a few Resources

Please note that there are many, many books and resources for the person seriously considering following a Wiccan or Pagan tradition. Also note that all Wiccans are Pagan but not all Pagans are Wiccans. Just like all Catholics are Christian but not all Christians are Catholics...

These are just a few authors I recommend:

Scott Cunningham

Raymond Buckland

Silver Ravenwolf


Patricia Telesco

Lilith McClelland







Resources on-line

White Wolf Majic Finds

Mystical England

Pandora's Bazaar

North East Council of Wicca

Sun Dragon Wicca Page

Pagan Lore

Witches' Voice

Llewellyn World Wide Ltd.

Spirit Wolf's Lair

Pagan Home Schooling Parents of Virginia

Esoteric Links Directory




Banners & Search EngInes

Pagan Portal Search Engine, a meeting place for pagans!  










Pagan/Wiccan Magazines and E-zines

The Crow's Calling

Green Egg

Wren's Nest

Sage Woman






Link to The Wiccan Mother

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Book of Shadows

Resources and Books


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