Stepping Stones

Karen Peak



Even the little ones can help with the craft.  Just make certain they do not swallow small pieces or eat the mortar!!!!




Small bag of mortar mix (not cement) available at your local home improvement store.

Molds (you can buy stepping stone molds at your local craft store or use old cake pans

Bucket to mix mortar in

Various colored marbles, beach glass, colored tile chips (available in you craft store - you can find more marbles and "gems" in the section with silk flowers).





In the bucket, pour mortar.  SLOWLY add enough water until you have a mixture somewhere between the consistencies of cookie dough (too dry) and cake batter (too wet). The mix should spread easily in the mold but not be runny or have water seep to the surface as you work with it. You can always add more water you cannot take it away.


Fill mold to about - inch from top.  Allow child to place marbles, stones, tiles in whatever pattern desired. Press them slightly into the surface of the mortar so they do not pop out when dry.


Allow to dry overnight in a place the stones will not get wet.


Turn over onto a flat surface and gently unmold you may have to wiggle and tap the mold a bit.


Wash off dry mortar from the decorations and place in your garden or house.


Some craft stores sell little packs of powdered coloring you can add to the dry mortar to tint the stone.


NOTE: I made some with my toddler. I used ONLY decorations with rounded edges.  Some of the tile pieces you can buy at craft stores have sharp edges. Never allow a young child to make stones unsupervised. 


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